9 simple best practices for successful social media posts
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9 Simple Best Practices for a Successful Social Media Post

(Last Updated On: October 20, 2017)

How would you define social media success or how successful social media posts look like?

Answer is, it is different for every business.

For some, that would be reaching new customers or generating more sales.

For others, it would be providing customer experience or raising brand visibility.

Whatever, you decide your main goal to be, make sure it is S.M.A.R.T.

Specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and timely.

In other words,

Know what you are doing, why are you doing it, how are you going to do it, how are you going to know it is achieved, and how much time would it take.

After you have that figured out,

then you begin your social media adventure.

In this article, I am going to share with you, what are the easiest 9 best practices for successful social media posts

Keep it short

Keep your Social Media Posts' Captions Short and Simple

Let’s face it.

Once you log in to any social media, you are immediately being overwhelmed by a bunch of posts and content that is often hard to digest.

The most time someone will spend on your post while scrolling down their feed is probably no more than a few seconds.

That shouldn’t discourage you.

It should motivate you.

Aim to write short and to-the-point captions whenever you share something with your social media audience.

Put enough effort to captivate the reader.

Twitter is already making this easy for you with the 140 characters limit.

Try to write captions no longer than 140 characters on all your social media channels.


Include Call to Actions To Your Social Media Posts' Captions

You clearly are on social media with a goal in mind.

Therefore, all the publications you would be making, should also have their own purpose.

However, sometimes this purpose won’t be clear enough for your social media audiences.

What would help is including the appropriate call-to-actions in the captions of your posts.

It could be something as simple as “Check this out…” to something that would encourage them to engage with you as “Hit the thumbs up if you like this photo…”

Try not to be simply sharing content.

Remind your fans to take actions and you would be surprised of how responsive they can be.


For Successful Social Media Posts ask more questions

Asking questions is a call-to-action by itself.

They are being used to encourage more comments.

What good does someone’s comment on your post is?

It is way to increase visibility.

Have you seen a random post on your Facebook newsfeed from a page that you aren’t following?

Sometimes the reason is because a friend of yours commented on it.

Moreover, some of your passionate fans would go as far as to share the post on their own newsfeed with their own opinion on the topic.

That generates reach.


Include Hashtags in Your Social Media Posts when appropriate

Ok, hashtags are a must on Twitter.

What about on other social media where the concept is not that popular yet?

Their original purpose is to make content on a specific topic be easily accessible and segmented.

However, hashtags drive attention to important words.

You can use them to highlight something important or to start a new trend.

But do not overuse hashtags!

The optimum usage is no more than 2-3 hashtags depending on the social media and the length of your caption.


Use Social Media's tagging options to tag important people or pages

Tag important people.

On Facebook, Twitter and Instagram tagging someone who also has a page or a profile is done with the “@” sign.

On Google plus you can tag someone using “+” in from of their name.

Why would you do that?

Isn’t this just a one side promotion (shoutout) with no benefits for you?

In some cases, yes.

But if done right, and with a bit of luck, this can help with establishing a good relationship with other people from your industry.

It can as well stimulate those other businesses to reshare (retweet) that post and boost the reach.


Your Visuals and Content need to be of high quality for successful social media posts

Both the photos and the videos that you share on your social media channels need to be with high quality.

What I mean with that is – your visual content needs to be with a good enough quality to be seen on desktop and mobile devices without making it hard for the eyes of your viewers.

Quality doesn’t stop there.

It is highly important to share content (articles, news, blog posts, etc.) that is relevant, interesting, entertaining, useful and/or helpful to your target groups in order to have successful social media posts.

If you share a post about cars and your business is a Floral shop,

chances are your audience won’t be interested at all.

Therefore, the engagement and reach of your post will be lower.

Give your audience what they want to see, read or be informed of.


When on Social Media try to share different types of content

It is best to publish diverse content.

A good mixture of photos, videos, and links depending on how your fan base reacts to them.

We know that some social medias favor specific types of content,

But that should not discourage you, as at the end your fans and followers are the judge.

And diversity should also be implemented on the topics of your posts.

You can share a good mixture of promotional content, personal content, news, entertaining content, user generated content, etc.

However, if you have a very specific page with a very specific audience, for example your page is called “Flower photos” and your audience is following it exactly and only because they want to see flower photos,

then give them what they are there for.


Give your Social Media Audiences the relevant content they would like to see in their feeds

To continue with the previous example,

posts should be relevant to the audience’s interests.

If your fans want flower photos every day, give them that.

You can always experiment and try including something different in your content plan,

but always track how your social media audience reacts to that.

Avoid publishing out-of-topic posts and overly promotional posts.

The more genuine and useful/entertaining you are for your fans, the more successful your social media strategy will be.


Know when are the best times to share your social media posts

Last but not least,

give your audience what they want when they want it.

Most social media have insights or analytics that allow you to know when is your audience most active.

Lately, social media managers are experimenting with timing,

we post during high-peak and low-peak hours to see what works best.

However, from my experience, it depends entirely on your audience specifics and preferences and the post you are publishing.

When it comes to timing, try to do it regularly and during high-peak hours.

9 simple best practices for successful social media posts

To sum up,

The top 9 tips for successful social media posts

  • Keep it short
  • Include Call-To-Actions
  • Ask questions
  • Use #hashtags
  • @Tag important people
  • Good photo, video and content quality
  • Diversify your content plan
  • Stay relevant
  • Be on time

Let me know what are your best practices for making successful social media posts?

The point of this blog is to learn, learn and learn some more.

And I would appreciate any feedback and comments from your side.


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