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Social Media Marketing News & Resources September 2017

(Last Updated On: November 30, 2017)

Here is my short summary of the top social media marketing news and resources from September 2017.

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Facebook News & Updates — September 2017

On September 6, Facebook announced an update on information operations.

On September 14, Facebook announced that a small group of people on Facebook have been filling out their profile education and employee fields in an offensive manner. Because of them Facebook are removing these self-reported targeting fields until they have better processes in place to help prevent the issue of such fields being used for ads with discriminatory purposes.

On September 22, Facebook introduced new measurement solutions that will enable advertisers to see the impact of ad campaigns on both TV and Facebook, and the combined impact of both platforms when used together.

Instagram News & Updates — September 2017

On September 12, Instagram announced a new way to share Instagram Stories in DM.

On September 21, Instagram announced face filters in live videos.

On September 26, Instagram announced new comment controls and a new option to anonymously report live videos.

Twitter News & Updates — September 2017

On September 19, Twitter published their new transparency report.

On September 26, Twitter announced that they will be testing out expanding the Tweets character limit from 140 to 280.

Pinterest News & Updates — September 2017

On September 14, Pinterest announced that they have reached 200 million users worldwide.

On September 15, Pinterest published their H1 transparency report.

On September 19, Pinterest announced new shortcuts for iOS 11.

LinkedIn News & Updates — September 2017

On September 8, LinkedIn issued their September 2017 workforce report.

Snapchat News & Updates — September 2017

On September 8, Snapchat introduced campus publisher Stories.

On September 14, Snapchat introduced 3D Bitmojis:


Useful Social Media Managers Articles and Resources from September 2017

Below I am sharing with you a few articles, resources and reports that I found interesting and useful last month.

More Useful Resources For Marketers

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