Social Media Marketing News & Updates - November 2016 Recap
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Social Media Marketing News & Updates – November 2016 Recap

(Last Updated On: September 18, 2017)

In these new series, I am going to present you with the top Social Media Marketing News & Updates Recap on a monthly basis. Read the article below to explore what happened in the world of social media this November.

Social Media Marketing News & Updates - November 2016 Recap

Summary Social Media Marketing News November 2016

A list of the important social media updates last month:

  • Facebook:
    • An important update in Insights and Reporting;
    • Facebook Creative Hub is now accessible worldwide;
    • Safety Check and Community Help update;
    • “Donate” Button in Facebook Live for fundraisers;
    • Instant games on Messanger;
    • Ethnic Affinity marketing update;
    • Announcement: Facebook, Instagram and Messanger interactions all in one inbox;
  • Twitter:
    • Introduced Quick Replies and Welcome messages in DM;
    • Twitter Moments can now be created on Mobile;
    • Direct reply count and conversation ranking update;
    • Improved Notifications control;
    • Introduced Twitter Developer Community;
  • Instagram:
    • Live video on Instagram Stories;
    • Disappearing photos and videos in Instagram DM;
    • Introduced Vertical Ad format;
    • Instagram Stories update: boomerang, mentions, ‘learn more’ links;
    • Testing shopping tags on photos;

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Facebook Updates November 2016

Important Insights and Reporting Update

Facebook Insights And Reporting Updates - Social Media News November 2016
Facebook Insights And Reporting Updates – November 2016

Facebook is changing the way it calculates and reports some of its most important data – like reach and video views. I encourage all Facebook page owners to carefully study this announcement page to better understand the new Facebook insights changes and how they will impact your page performance and reporting.

Launching Facebook Creative Hub Worldwide – A Place To Bring Ideas To Live On Mobile

Mobile formats and best practices are constantly evolving! Creative Hub was launched back in June to help ease the way businesses produces ideas and capture attention on mobile. In November, this tool rolled out globally.

In Facebook’s Creative Hub you can test your ideas, get inspirations, see best practices, and see your work in action.

New Community and Fundraisers tools on Facebook

Aiming to strengthen the communities and expand the fundraisers possibilities to collect donations directly on Facebook, the following new features were introduced this November:

Safety Check and Community Help

In times of crisis, Facebook will now let the community decide when a Safety Check feature to be activated. If enough people post about an incident in a certain area, the Safety Check will be activated for them, their friends and people in the area.

The other Community help upgrade is that in times of crisis, people will now be able not only to report that they are safe, but to also ask for help, food or shelter.

More Ways To Donate

Introducing Donate button in Facebook Live - Facebook updates November 2016
Introducing “Donate” button in Facebook Live

A great new Facebook Live update for fundraisers is the opportunity to include a “Donate” button in live streams. Although this feature is still limited to US Fundraisers, as any other feature, it’s access will probably expand gloably as well.

Instant Games on Messanger

Facebook Introduces Instant Games on Messanger - Social Media News Recap 2016
Facebook Introduces Instant Games on Messanger

This new fun Facebook Messanger feature is currently rolling out globally. If you see a new ‘game controller’ icon on your Messanger app, this means you can now challenge your friends to a fun Instant game, played directly inside Messanger.

Updates to Ethnic Affinity Marketing

Facebook announced their new approach towards Ethnic and Affinity Marketing. They state that new tools will be build to detect and automatically disable the use of ethnic affinity marketing for discriminatory ads. Meanwhile, there will be an update in Facebook Advertising Policies and more education and sources on the topic will be provided.

Interactions on Facebook, Instagram and Messanger Made Easy

manage communications for your business across Facebook, Messenger and Instagram - Social Media News 2016
Manage communications for your business across Facebook, Messenger and Instagram

Facebook now made it possible for businesses to link their Facebook, Instagram and Messanger interactions all in one inbox. Communications across those three channels can be now done from a single place. Not only messages, but also comments, visitors posts, and reviews can be dealt with from the Page Manager mobile app.

The feature is expected to roll out globally in the next few weeks.

Twitter Updates November 2016

Introducing Quick Replies and Welcome Messages in Twitter DM

To help improve the ways brands connect with their Twitter Followers, Twitter launched two new features in DM. Quick replies and welcome messages will soon be available worldwide.

Quick Replies on Twitter - Social Media Marketing News & Updates 2016
Introducing Quick Replies on Twitter

Quick replies will work the same way Facebook’s saved replies do but the other way around. Users will be encouraged to choose from specific quick replies to easier navigate the conversation with the brand they approached. Meanwhile, welcome messages will be automated and their aim is to encourage more conversations on Twitter.

Creating Twitter Moments On Mobile

Earlier this year, the Moments featured was made available for all Twitter users. A couple of days ago, the option to create Twitter Moments on mobile was introduced as well, both on iOS and Android.

Direct Reply Count and Conversation Ranking

Twitter moments will now be shown in a non-chronological order, based on a new Twitter algorithm. The algorithm will show first the replies that they think have higher value.

A weird thing about Twitter was that the amount of Replies a Tweet generated was not previewed, the same way Retweets and Likes are. However, with the new Twitter update, Reply count is now visible.

Improving Notifications Control

Twitter Notifications Control - Mute words, hashtags, users, or phrases
Twitter Notifications Control – Mute words, hashtags, users, or phrases

This year Twitter received tons of negative feedback directed to the way they moderate hateful and disrespectful Tweets and Replies. One way to address the online abuse, are the new Notification settings. Users can now mute notifications from Tweets and Replies containing specific words, usernames, hashtags or phrases.

Introducing Twitter Developer Community

Twitter Introduces Developer Communities with #TapIntoTwitter

The Twitter Developer Community is the new place for Developers around the globe to connect with each other and come together to grow their own communities.

Instagram Updates November 2016

Introducing Live Video on Instagram Stories

Introducing Live Video on Instagram Stories- Social Media Marketing News Recap November 2016
Introducing Live Streaming on Instagram Stories

This update is no surprise. The world is currently crazy about sharing in-the-moment. And now Instagram made it possible for their users to Live Stream on Stories. The feature is still rolling out and will be soon available globally.

Disappearing Photos & Video in Instagram Direct

When you create a Story on Instagram you will now be able to send it to individuals or group chats in Instagram DM. The same editing options will be available. The only difference is that once seen, the DM Story disappears and cannot be viewed again.

This update comes with another interesting feature – Screenshot notifications. If you decide to take a screenshot of the disappearing photo or video someone sent you in Instagram Direct, they will be notified.

Vertical Ad Format

Introducing Vertical Ad Format on Instagram - Instagram Updates Recap 2016
Introducing Vertical Ad Format on Instagram

Instagram advertisers will now have the option to run Vertical Ads on Instagram. In the initial tests, Vertical Ad formats perform better that the square and landscape formats we had available before.

Instagram Stories Updates in November

This November, Instagram introduced three new updates to their Instagram Stories Feature.

  • The Boomerang app is now accessible directly on Instagram Stories;
  • Instagrammers can now mention other instagrammers in their Stories;
  • Verified Instagram accounts can now add “Learn More” links in their Stories;
Learn More Links in Instagram Stories are now available for verified accounts
Verified accounts can add “Learn More” Links in Instagram Stories

Sounds exciting, right?

The new “Learn More” links are expected to later roll out for all types of accounts on Instagram.

Testing Shopping Tags in Instagram Posts

Another exiting Instagram announcement from last month, was that they are currently testing a new shopping tags feature.

Instagram Shopping Tags are currently being tested - Social Media Marketing New Recap - November 2016
Instagram testing Shopping Tags feature

Hopefully soon, businesses will have the option to tag the products that appear in their photos. The tag can showcase up to five products and their prices. Once someone clicks on a tag, a detailed view of the product will open with a “Shop Now” button.

You can learn more about this prospective new feature here.

Social Media Marketing News & Updates Recap – November 2016

To sum up, the most important Social Media News and Updates last month were:

  • Facebook’s new Insights and Reporting update;
  • Instagram launching Live Video in Stories;
  • “Learn More” links in Instagram Stories for verified accounts;
  • Testing Shopping tags on Instagram;
  • Adding a “Donate” button feature in Facebook live for fundraisers;
  • Twitter’s improved Notifications Control;
  • Quick Replies and Welcome messages in Twitter DM;

What did I miss? Make sure to let me know in the comments section below, and I will include in in the article.


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