Social Media Marketing News December 2016 Recap
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Social Media Marketing News December 2016 Recap

(Last Updated On: September 18, 2017)

This blog post will be updated on a daily basis with the top Social Media Marketing News for December 2016. Stay tuned and thank you for reading!

Social Media Marketing News December 2016 Recap

Summary Social Media Marketing News December 2016

A list of the most important social media updates this month (scroll down for more):

  • Facebook:
    • An update on Facebook metrics;
    • Announcing Live 360 Videos & Live Audio;
    • Improving the monitoring of fake news;
    • Introducing Group Video Chats for up to 50 people;
  • Twitter:
    • Launching Twitter Live Video;
    • From February 1st 2017, the creation of Lead Generation Twitter Ads will no longer be possible;
  • Instagram:
    • Introducing Instagram Saved Posts & a new look for Instagram posts & ads;
    • Instagram grew from 500 to 600 million users in the past 6 months;
  • Snapchat:
    • Introducing Group Chats for up to 16 people;
    • Adding Shazam on Snapchat;
    • Launching custom stickers creation;
  •  YouTube:
    • Announced the top YouTube ads of 2016;
    • #YouTubeRewind 2016;
  • LinkedIn:
    • LinkedIn is now officially part of Microsoft;
    • Introducing conversation starters;

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Facebook Updates December 2016

Important Metrics Update

On December 9th, Facebook announced some updates in the estimated ad reach metric, Live video reactions count insights & like and share buttons count.

To sum up:

  • Facebook is trying to present more accurate estimated reach metrics on Facebook ads;
  • On live videos, people can react to a post more than once. Facebook is updating these metrics to make it possible to display both unique user reactions & total reactions per live posts;
  • The like & share buttons will be pulling more data, including likes & shares off Facebook.

For details go here.

Introducing Live 360 videos

People can now go live with the 360 video format. Read more about this Facebook update here.

Launching Facebook Parents Portal

On December 13th, Facebook launched some new resources available for parents on Facebook. They are available at

Read the full announcement here.

An Update on Messanger’s Camera Features

Facebook's Messanger camera updates - December 2016
Easier access & holiday-themed features

On December 15th, Facebook announced some new features in the Messanger’s camera, including:

  • Holiday-themed features & filters;
  • Easier camera access;

All about it can be found here.

New Ways of Dealing with Hoaxes & Fake News

On December 15th, Facebook announced their improved efforts regarding the rise of hoaxes and fake news on Facebook’s newsfeeds. To sum up, here are the areas they focus on:

  • Making it easier to report fake news;
  • Now shady stories can be flagged as disputed and will rank lower on newsfeeds. Once a story is flagged, it will not be available for paid promotion and ads;
  • New ranking factor- if a person is well likely to share an article after they read it, it will have an impact on the article’s ranking;
  • An effort to detect articles from websites with spammy ads & limiting their distribution;

The full news feed update can be read here.

Group Video Chat on Messanger

On December 19th, Facebook introduced group video chats on Messagners. This new feature supports group chats of up to 50 people at once.

More about the feature you can find here.

New Ways To Share & Connect

Facebook introducing new ways to share and connect - Social Media News December 2016
Holidays, Events & History moments reminders on top of your Newsfeed

On December 20th, Facebook announced two new updates:

  • Important messages from Facebook will appear on top of your Facebook newsfeed reminding you about holidays, events, history moments;
  • Holiday Card will also appear on top of your newsfeed and you will have the option to share a holiday card on your own feed;

Full announcement here.

Introducing Live Audio

Live audio broadcast will also be possible from now on. Unlike live video posts, live audio has the option to continue playing for the users even if they close the app and lock their phones.

Read more about the announcement from December 20th here.

Facebook Mentions App Updates

On December 21st, Facebook introduced the following new features in the Mentions App:

  • Before the Broadcast: Reminders & scheduling of new Facebook live broadcasts;
  • During the Broadcast: There are new features allowing more control & customization over how the broadcast is seen by the viewers;
  • After the Broadcast: Mentions app user will now be able to trim excess footage after the broadcast has ended;

Read more about them here.

Twitter Updates December 2016

Launching Twitter Live Video Broadcasting


On December 14th, Twitter announced that we can now livestream directly on Twitter.

Read more about it here.

Holiday & Food Stickers

New holiday stickers are now available for Christmas, Hanukkah & Kwanzaa. Cute new food stickers are also available. Check out the announcement tweets here & here.

Announcing The Most Retweeted Tweets of 2016

Check them out here:

Announcing The Top Twitter Stickers of 2016

See them below:

Lead Generation Ads on Twitter will No Longer Be Available

Starting from February 1st, 2017 the creation of Lead Generation Ad campaigns will no longer be available. And from 1st of March it will not be possible to view Lead Generation Cards.

Find out more about this announcement here.


Instagram Updates December 2016

New Safety & Control Tools

On December 6th, Instagram introduced their plans for the following features, aiming to increase safety and user control in the app:

  • Comment control – Instagram is testing “Turn off post commenting” & “Like a comment” features;
  • Users will now be able to remove followers from private accounts;
  • Instagrammers can now anonymously report self-harm posts;

Read more about this update here.

Instagram Saved Posts

Instagram December 2016 Updates - introducing Saved posts
Save your posts for easier access later.

On December 14th, Instagram introduced saved posts. The feature is similar to the one on Facebook and you can access your saved posts from your profile.

Find out more here.

600 Million Instagrammers

On December 15th, Instagram announced that the platform users grew from 500 to 600 million just in the past 6 months. The full announcement is available here.

New Look for Instagram Posts

Instagram updates December 2016 - new posts look
You will see a new look on the header of Instagram posts. In the new design, all content will move to the left-hand side of the header to streamline the design and make it more noticeable.

You might have noticed a slight change on both the organic and paid posts on Instagram recently. Discover all about it here.

Holiday Stickers

On December 20th, the app was updated with new holiday stickers. Find out more about them here.


Snapchat Updates December 2016

Introducing Group Chats


Group chats on Snapchat for up to 16 people will now be available. Read more about this new feature here.

Adding Shazam on Snapchat’s Mobile app

Shazam is a popular music recognition app. In December, they collaborated with Snapchat & the Shazam feature is now available on Snapchat. More details can be found here.

Create Your Own Stickers

Users can now use scissors to cut out their own stickers from Snaps. Here is how it looks like.


Definitely can inspire some creativity.

YouTube Updates December 2016


As a tradition, at the end of every year, Youtube publishes a rewind video of the best & most important things that happened in the past 12 months. Check out #YouTubeRewind 2016 below:

I love these 🙂

Top YouTube Ads of 2016

For all the Youtube Advertisers, click here to see what were the top YouTube ads in 2016. Lets unleash our creativity even harder in 2017!

New Creators for Change Ambassadors & Resources

YouTube Creators for Change is growing. Find out more about the new resources and ambassadors here.

LinkedIn Updates December 2016

Microsoft’s acquisition of LinkedIn

As of December 6th, the acquisition is finally completed. Find out more here.

Introducing Conversation Starters in LinkedIn Messaging

Ever felt like you need a topic to break the ice with a prospect on LinkedIn? They have got you covered. Similar to the Facebook messanger app ‘conversation topics’ you will now find personalized conversation starters in LinkedIn Messaging to help break the ice.

More about it can be found here.


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