Social Media Marketing Internship? 5 Tips on How to Find the Right one
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Social Media Marketing Internship? 5 Tips on How to Find the Right one

(Last Updated On: April 2, 2017)

You want to find the best and most beneficial for your career social media marketing internship?

Here are a couple of tips to consider, coming from my own personal experience as a social media intern:

The intern/manager case

dont be the internt manager

First thing to ask is, if there will be a team you would be assigned to.

Small companies tend to hire a social media intern, without even having an established social media marketing department or social media strategy in the company.

This is one of the most common mistakes a company would make if they are just starting with their social media marketing.

Why they do this?

They think that social media is something easy.

A couple of Facebook posts, some Tweets, and maybe some paid ads from time to time…

So they would hire you and expect you to come up with everything.

If you have no previous marketing experience, you would be stuck reading a lot.

From sources you found yourself and coming up with strategies and their implementations without even knowing if you are doing it right or wrong.

That way you would learn a lot about social media, but the process would be slow and painful.

Planned trainings

planned training

Lets say there actually is a social media department in the company.

But what if they do not actually plan to spend enough time to actually train and teach you the know-how?

You would be stuck in a situation similar to the intern/manager one.

Or just be given tasks, without any further explanation of why exactly are you doing them.

That being said,

the second thing you need to ask when applying for a social media marketing internship is:

if there are planned trainings and when and how exactly would they take place.

Thorough knowledge

thorough knowledge


Third thing to ask

after making sure there would be a team you would be assigned to and trainings planed

is if there would be also trainings about the digital marketing field itself.

Because you might be trained exclusively about social media and then you are left wondering what is its impact overall in the whole marketing efforts.

It’s always great to know a bit about other parts of digital marketing, in order to see the bigger image.

Sometimes social media efforts are not showing their full potential if not implemented hand in hand with all the other aspects of digital marketing.

So don’t forget to ask if you would be working and getting knowledge from other marketing departments as well.

No social media budget

social media budget

You might not know it yet, but doing social media without any budget is almost impossible.

You will need specific tools and software as well as budget for visual or textual content creation.

That being said,

if they tell you there would be no extra money spent for social media, this will give you a hint that the company is not really serious about it’s social media marketing efforts.

And you don’t want to be an intern somewhere, where they don’t think there is a point in your social media marketing internship and the efforts you will put.

Just the next social media marketing internship position

next in line for a social media marketing internship

Ask them if they have previously had other interns in the same position.

What happened to them?

Are they now working there?

If not, why ?

According to their answers, you will figure out if you have any future in the company.

Or are they just hiring intern after intern in order to save from paying the full-time salary that a social media manager would be getting.

Those were just a couple of the things I had troubles with during my first internship in the social media field.

Have you also experienced something similar before?

Don’t forget to ask the right questions next time you go for an interview.


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