Will Your Slow Website Kill Your Organic Social Media Presence?
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Will Your Slow Website Kill Your Organic Social Media Presence?

(Last Updated On: August 8, 2017)

Your slow-loading website might be hurting your organic social media presence…

If you own a website, then the importance of website speed is old news for you…

Not only does loading time impact your website’s user experience, but it also greatly impacts your presence and rankings in search engines.

And now it will also slowly start to impact your organic social media presence too.

Facebook just announced that they will be improving user experience by showing more content from faster-loading websites.

Which means that they will be punishing slow-loading web pages by killing their organic reach.

Can Your Website Load Time Be Improved?

If it takes more than 3 seconds for your web pages to load, then there is a good chance a lot of people to decide to not wait for it to load at all.

There are a few ways to check your website speed.

Firstly, you would want to run an analysis with Google’s Page Speed Insights Tool. 

PageSpeed Insights - How to check your website load time?

Straight away it will give you an evaluation of your website in terms of possible needs for optimization and improvement on both mobile and desktop.

And tools like PingDom will give you the time it takes for your website to load from a specific location you pick. PingDom and Gtmetrix will also point out specific actions that you can take to improve your website load time.

Another tool that you can check is the Behavior report in Google Analytics.

Website Load Time Check wit Google Analytics

To see more tips on improving your website speed, you can as well check Facebooks’ best practices for improving mobile-speed performance.

How Will Facebook Reward Faster-Loading Pages?

As Facebook said in their news release “as many as 40 percent of website visitors abandon a site after three seconds of delay.”

And this matters to them, because they are constantly trying to improve user experience and satisfaction.

And it should matter to you too.

Because by improving your website load time, you are not only improving your own website visitors satisfaction, but your Facebook posts will now have a higher chance to rank.

Facebook says that they will be taking into account specific signals to determine if a faster-loading website should appear higher in Facebook feeds.

And Facebook has been taking things like loading speed into consideration for a long time now. But up until now the focus was on your internet speed and connection, instead on the website speed itself.

Which means that now, your organic social media presence on Facebook will be impacted from your website load time.

Will Your Organic Social Media Presence on Facebook Suffer?

Because Facebook cares for its users, if you have a slow website, it will show your website links to less of your followers.

But this might as well impact the reach of your other Facebook posts. Once you lose visibility because of posts to slow-loading websites, it will impact other of your posts as well.

So besides working on improving you own website speed…

next time you make a post on Facebook from a different source than your website, make sure you check if its loading fast.

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