November 2017 Holiday Post Ideas & Calendar For Marketers
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November 2017 Holiday Post Ideas & Inspirations

(Last Updated On: February 23, 2020)

Running out of post ideas for the new month? Looking for some November 2017 Holiday Post Ideas and Inspiration?

Scroll below to check out this month’s social media holiday post ideas and examples…

Why Do People Love Holiday Social Media Posts?

People love holiday-themed posts, don’t they?

And holiday social media posts can be an important part of your content marketing strategy, especially on visual-based social media like Instagram, Pinterest and Snapchat.

If you spend a lot of time on social media then I am sure you have discovered a ton of trending content for holidays that almost nobody ever heard of.


Think about it…

Who wouldn’t want to be trendy and relevant by sharing a French toast recipe on French Toast Day?

For many social media users holiday posts are an opportunity to be relevant even if they are not so active on a regular day. Which is one reason why holiday-themed posts tend to be re-shared a lot more than regular posts.

And if you are a social media manager, you wouldn’t want to miss out on the opportunity for higher shares and even sales by bringing out the holiday spirit.

There are many opportunities for holiday-themed content that you can create: articles, videos, infographics, social media posts, giveaways, and much more.

November 2017 Holiday Post Ideas Calendar

Check out this calendar I created for you:

November 2017 Holiday Post Ideas Calendar
November 2017 Holiday Post Ideas Calendar (Source:

You can notice that in the November 2017 Holiday Post Ideas Calendar I have included both recognizable and weird and unknown holidays. Because contrary to your instincts, a sharable social media post doesn’t always need to be related to a popular and world-recognized holiday.

And now that you know what are the upcoming holidays, here are some tips and inspirations for you…

This Month’s Holiday Social Media Post Inspirations

The Anti-Holiday Post

Below is an example of a humorous social media post from the comedian Lewis Spears who currently has just over 100k Facebook followers but his #StopWorldVeganDay holiday-themed post from 2016 has over 2 million views and 16.3k post shares.

This is an example of a risky social media post, which however turned viral.

The Quick Giveaway Post

Below is an example of how a small local sandwich shop can be the top Tweet for the hashtag of a little-known holiday called Look For Circles Day.


The Chicago-based sandwich shop has just over 17.2k followers today and they rarely get more than 5 replies to their Twitter posts. But their quick and simple giveaway for World Circles Day resulted in 23 replies from people who probably didn’t care much about the holiday itself, but decided to play along for the prize.

The Postcard Post

When you see the post below you will be surprised by the amount of likes, comments and shares it generated.

It was posted by Sandra Boynton who is an American cartoonist. humorist, songwriter, record producer, children’s author, illustrator, and counterproductive kazooist. Her Facebook page is mostly filled with postcard-styled holiday-themed posts and even if you don’t really celebrate a particular holiday, you will be tempted to share her beautiful visuals.

The Quote Post

What’s the easiest way to create a holiday-themed social media post?

With a quote…

I am giving this post as an example to show you how easy and relevant you could create a holiday post with just a quote.

The Helpful Relevant Post

How does a page that currently has 26k Facebook likes, managed to collect over 700 post re-shares with their “Clean your refrigerator day” post?

They were helpful and relevant…

Some holidays sound a lot less intriguing than others, but when combined with an action plan and some useful and relatable tips, they can turn out to be a great holiday-themed social media content.

The Conversation Starter Post

Want to get to know your fans better?

Holiday posts on social media can be used as great conversation starters.

For last year’s World Hello Day, The Elf on The Shelf social media managers decided to ask their followers one simple question with one simple graphic… and as a result they generated over 250 post shares, over 280 post comments and almost 1k post likes.

Sounds good to me!

The Simple Branded Holiday Post

And if you are looking for something simple yet well-branded, check out Loft’s French Toast day post from 2016.

They managed to create a simple post that not only appreciates the holiday, but also promotes a few of their products.

Ready To Start Planning Your November 2017 Holiday Posts?

I hope that my November 2017 Holiday Post Calendar and Ideas will inspire you to create amazing holiday-themed social media posts this month!

But don’t forget to plan them wisely…

If you are not yet using a monthly and daily social media post planner, I encourage you to check out my 2017 Content Calendar Template and my new Daily Social Media Post Planning spreadsheet.

And if you are considering running a holiday-themed social media contest, don’t forget to check out my article from last month on How to plan a successful social media contest.

Let me know what holidays will you be celebrating this November?




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