Lessons Learned During my First Year as an Intern in the Online Marketing Field
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Lessons Learned During my First Year as an Intern in the Online Marketing Field

(Last Updated On: September 18, 2017)

I have been working as an intern in the Online marketing field for over an year and I summed up the lessons I learned as an Online Marketing newbie:

Do it for the customers

customer is king

If you own a business or work in the online marketing field, then you have definitely heard any of the following:

-“Content is king”;

-“SEO is king”;

-”Social is king”;


However, the first thing to keep in mind when you do any online marketing effort is to do it for the customers.

You can create all the content you want and all the optimizations you need, but if it’s not specially made for your customers needs and interests then it’s useless and/or you might just attract the wrong people.

Don’t just assume what your target audience wants and needs.


Ask your customers about their needs, wants and dreams. About their problems and issues. About what they like and dislike.

Get to know them, and implement everything you learn about them in your digital marketing strategy.

Show your personality

personality matters

Your brand’s image has always been the thing that sells.

But nowadays it seems like personal branding is on the rise.

People want to know who are the faces behind the brand.

It’s not only the reputation of the company name that is important when someone makes their buying decisions.

More and more important is now the reputation of the person or people that stand behind the brand.

That’s why more and more companies employ personal branding in their marketing strategies. They show the face of the company, the team, the partners and the customers.

The faces are the influencers and leaders.

People like to read stories about people, not just the old-school sales copy and corporate stories.

Show your customers the personality of your brand.

Content relevancy

content relevancy

As I said already, do it for the customers.

Educate them.
Inform them.
Entertain them.

And stay relevant.

Its pointless to create loads and loads of content that is well SEO optimized, stuffed with keywords, 3000 words long, perfect to rank for a couple of keywords
… but useless

Have you created a piece of content lately that your customers were really looking forward to read?

If you are still not sure what that content might be.

Just ask them.

Listen and respond

listen and respond

Are you on social media?
Do you go to industry specific events?
Are you regularly checking and answering customer emails? Do you know what people talk about you in forums or review websites?

To put it simply, find the best ways to interact with your customers and to hear what they say.

Respond to their questions and comments.

Make them feel like you care about what they felt the need to say and that you notice them.

That way you are one step closer to creating passionate brand ambassadors.

And don’t only “pretend to care”.

Listen to what they have to say and you might be surprised.

They are the people who first notice mistakes you made, or things you missed.

They will show you what they like and what they don’t.

People love to leave reviews and to give suggestions for improvements.

And if you don’t listen to them, make sure that someone else will…

Follow the trends 

stay up to date

What are the latest trends in your industry?

Hot topics.

Where did your customers go? Are they now on Periscope, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest?

If you want to stay on top, you need to have your ears open, follow and get involved in what is trendy.

Because your customers and competitors are already there.



SEO is important.

Being mobile friendly is important.

Make sure your website is well optimized.

However, another thing that you would not regret optimizing is your social media channels and your emails.

You need to have attractive, short and to-the-point social media descriptions.

Try different posts lengths and see what works best for your followers.

Publish different types of content and on variable industry-related topics.

Make sure your emails are also well optimized.

Especially for mobile users, as most people nowadays check their emails on mobile devices.

Those are a couple of things I learned during my first year of being an intern in digital marketing.

A lot more things I am about to learn.

Let me know what I missed? The point of this blog is to learn, learn and learn some more.

And I would appreciate any feedback and comments from your side.


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