Get Discovered Through Instagram! Local Business Success Strategies
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Get Discovered Through Instagram! Local Business Success Strategies

(Last Updated On: May 19, 2020)

You are a local business with an Instagram profile.

Your posts do okay and you even have a few hundred followers.

But you want to attract even more customers?

You want to be more discoverable and increase your brand awareness on Instagram?

Then you absolutely should try these Instagram strategies!

Make Posts From Nearby Locations

Yes, you have been told to always tag your own business address when you post something on social media.

And you should.

However, if you want your posts to reach people from nearby locations too, then you definitely need to mix up your location-tagging strategy.

If there is a park, busy square, or a popular touristic place nearby your business, make sure you make a few posts per week from those locations.

This will increase your chance to get noticed by more locals and tourists that are nearby.

Run A Contest

You have to accept it that if you are a small local business, it’s almost sure that the majority of your customers will have a larger follower base than you. After all, we live in the era of social media.

So daily you have tens and hundreds of customers purchasing goods and services from your local business… and their followers know nothing about it?

Maybe your customers did in fact make a post on social media the first few times they visited your business. But then they got bored?

Give them an incentive!

Lets say it’s rush hour and you know you will have a ton of customers visiting your business.

What a better time to run a contest?

Quick contest ideas would be to make your customers make an Instagram post with a photo or video they captured in your place (or of your product they just purchased).

Tell them to tag your account, your location, and to use a special hashtag.

Whoever gets over a hundred likes in 10 minutes gets their money back, or gets an awesome gift, branded with your logo?

You can bet that those who win will be making a follow-up post right after.

Find Them First

If you are not already monitoring your brand mentions and hashtags… then you should start doing it right now.

Give yourself 10 minutes 3 times a day to browse and engage with content published with your brand’s hashtag and other hashtags that people use in your local area.

You can as well check nearby location feeds and engage with those posts too.

By increasing your engagement level on Instagram, you will not only make your clients feel special, but you can as well find opportunities to engage with other potential clients that might decide to stop by next time they are around.

Partner With Other Local Businesses

Fact is that you are not alone. There will be other businesses around you that also would desire to make their places more discoverable on social media.

Find businesses nearby you that also have an Instagram account and a follower base similar to yours.

Ask them if they will be willing to cross promote from time to time.

Choose The Right Hashtags

I have mentioned hashtags a few times already.

But using the proper hashtags is one of the essential strategies.

Here are some of the hashtags that you definitely must use in your posts if you want to be more discoverable on Instagram:

  • Your business name;
  • The location of your local business – neighborhood, city;
  • Nearby popular locations – parks, museums, touristic avenues;
  • Brand/product-related hashtags;
  • Trending hashtags;

In order to know which hashtags to pick, you need to do your research first:

  • How popular are the hashtags? Do people use them often?
  • What hashtags do your competitors use?
  • What hashtags do your customers use?

There are many online tools that you can use:

  • – will show you the hashtags that are currently rending in your location;
  • – can help you find any related hashtags;
  • – shows you how popular a hashtag is at specific times of the day;

BrandMentions also recently launched a hashtag tracking tool you can use to monitor hashtag performance.

Post Instagram-Only Offers

What a better way to grab locals’ attention on the Instagram feed than with a discount/offer specially for them?

Make a post announcing you have a discount that’s only for your Instagram followers but don’t forget to add the local hashtags and tag the location of a bigger area around you.

Have/Make Something Worth Making A Post About

This strategy is again related to word-of-mouth recommendation and user generated content and is rather self explanatory.

Make Your Customers Feel Special

Instagram is all about hashtags, likes and social fame.

As I mentioned earlier, the customers of your local business most probably have an account in Instagram. And many of them are probably looking for the next opportunity to collect a few hundred likes a.k.a. social recognition.

On the other side, you wouldn’t mind being the reason for their next post. User generated content is vital for any brand. It raises awareness, it encourages word of mouth marketing, it spikes curiosity, it increases your likability and brand image in front of your customers’ peers.

A lot of brands already engage with their customers on social media and take advantage of user generated content.

But unlike all brands, you are a local business and you actually meet your customers face-to-face.

Meaning that you can make your customers feel rewarded for the social media mention of your business right away!

Here is one way to do it!

Put a huge screen with an auto-refresh of your brand’s  Instagram hashtag feed…

And watch the look on your customers’ faces once their newly published photo comes up on the big screen.

Instagram slideshow walls are currently mostly popular for events, parties or weddings.

…but it doesn’t mean that your customers would love the extra attention and quick fame every time they visit your business.

Would you try any of these strategies for your local business Instagram page?

Make sure to comment below to let me know which one was your favorite!

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