Can you get rid of Facebook fake reviews?
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Facebook fake reviews attack – Is there a way out?

(Last Updated On: September 18, 2017)

I have recently experienced a Facebook fake reviews attack on one of the brand pages that I am managing. In this article I am sharing my experience with you and some of the things I found out.


Is getting rid of Facebook fake reviews possible?


How to tell if you were attacked with Facebook fake reviews?

That one is pretty easy. Facebook fake reviews are usually:

  • An even number (50, 100, 200);
  • Happened within minutes of each other;
  • Low rating reviews (1 star ratings in most cases);
  • Empty (no text, only star rating);
  • From shady accounts;

What actions can you take to remove or report Facebook reviews?

I am going to say it right away. If the reviews you received match the description above, there is currently no way to remove or report the bad ratings.

If your case is different, and besides rating there is as well text accompanying the reviews. Then there is hope for Facebook support to review them. Here is what what you can do to report the Facebook reviews you think are fake:

  1. You click on the arrow that you see on top of the review
  2. You choose the option “I don’t like this review”

And then all you can do is hope your request for review and removal will be accepted. However, if the review is well written and appears as if the user is just expressing his experience with your brand, Facebook will keep it.


Why can’t you report the Facebook reviews you got?

Here is what Facebook says about this “Keep in mind that you can only report star ratings that include reviews.” Luckily for the person who bought those bad Facebook ratings for your page, the majority of the Facebook fake reviews service providers, offer ’empty’ Facebook reviews.

This is definitely something worth to be upset about. many threads have been opened on the Facebook community help center raising the issue and searching for a resolution. However, it doesn’t look like Facebook is working on solving that glitch.

What I tried and didn’t work when I was searching for a way to remove the bad ratings?

I searched and searched and search to try and find a solution to the problem. Only to discover more and more people complaining about experiencing the power of negative Facebook fake reviews.

I posted a thread in Facebook community help center and received 0 replies.

I searched in the previous threads on the Facebook community center.

I tried reaching out on most of the related Facebook emails I found in this article. Most of them bounced back.

I message Facebook on their Facebook page and still haven’t received any reply.


What to do if your Facebook rating is ruined by fake reviews


A short-term solution

The only solution I found to my issue was to turn of the Facebook reviews tab from the page I managed. This however is something not all brands can do. The only way to disallow and hide Facebook reviews from your page is to remove your post address from the About tab. Which removes not only the ability of people to review your business, but as well no one can check-in anymore, nor find you in the map. So this should be your last resort.


I will keep you updated on how my fight against Facebook fake reviews work out. 

Thank you for reading. 



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