Stay Up-To-Date! Top Digital Marketing News And Resources August 2017
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Stay Up-To-Date! Top Digital Marketing News And Resources August 2017

(Last Updated On: August 27, 2017)

Don’t miss last month’s top digital marketing news and resources! In this article I am sharing with you:

  • top marketing news from last month;
  • great articles;
  • must-read reports;
  • useful how-to-guides;

and other interesting marketing resources that I stumbled upon during the month.

Enjoy and let me know if I missed something worth sharing!


Data & Analytics News and Reports

Data & Analytics News and Reports

Forget Your Instinct & Intuition! The Importance Of Having A Data-driven Marketing Strategy.

The first resource I would like to share with you today is a blog entry from Google Analytics’ Blog.

If you are not yet subscribed to their blog, do it now!

The article is called Marketing with a Heart of Data and shares the statistics of a research they did with Econsultancy.

That new research shows that 60% of leading marketers take actions based on Analytics. Moreover they also say they are very likely to say their strategy is strongly data-driven.

Doesn’t matter if you are a data-driven marketer or someone who just trusts their gut. This article, along with the research itself, are a must read!


Beverage Trends in 2017 – Report

Beverage Trends Report 2017 from Think with Google - Data and Analytics news
Source: Beverage Trends Report 2017

This report from Think With Google won’t be helpful nor exciting for all.

However, if you are a data-junkie (like me) you are gonna love it.

The Beverage trends 2017 Report is exactly what it sounds like.

Google analyzed top and raising beverage searches in four big markets (US, UK, Spain and Mexico). And created an exciting report on “what’s satisfying consumers’ thirst” in 2017.


What Leading Companies Are Doing To Build Great Consumer Experiences

Yet again, this is another awesome research from Think With Google and Econsultancy.


“Which of the following best describes your organization’s 2017 investment in mobile customer experience?” (Mainstream vs. Leaders)”

Source: Econsultancy and Google, Marketing and Measurement Survey, n=514, marketing and measurement executives at North American companies with over $250M in revenues, March 2017
Source: Econsultancy and Google, Marketing and Measurement Survey, n=514, marketing and measurement executives at North American companies with over $250M in revenues, March 2017

The survey shows how market leaders and mainstream businesses build better customer experiences differently.

It is definitely a must read!


Customers’ Planning Behavior Is Changing! The Rise Of Last-Minute Plans.

This blog post from Think With Google talks about micro-moments and the noticeable changes in consumer behavior.

For example, did you know that in the past 2 years the search interest in “open now” has tripled?

Or that mobile searches related to “same day shipping” have grown over 120% since 2015?


3 Ways To Break Down Data Silos & Get Your Organization On The Path To A More Collaborative, Data-driven Culture

This short guide from Google Analytics blog offers three solutions on how to inspire a more data-driven culture in your company.

Make sure to send it over to your boss.


A/B Testing Guides

A/B Testing Guides

Testing Your Value Proposition With The Help Of The Four-quadrant Modes Of Persuasion

Put your value proposition to the test"
Source: Marketing Land “Put your value proposition to the test

Brian Massey from Marketing Land recently published an article talking about the four-quadrant Modes of persuasion.

He explains how to test your value proposition using different persuasion methods.

After this article you will definitely be inspired to put your value proposition to the test!


SEO & Website News And Resources

SEO & Website News And Resources

Testing 2 Experimental Features In The Search Console

New Search Console index status report
New Search Console index status report screenshot. Source Google Webmasters Blog

Google Webmasters Blog made an announcement that they are testing new reports and features for the search console.

They will be embarking on an extensive redesign, aiming to deliver:

  • more actionable insights;
  • better support;
  • and faster feedback.


Does Google Consider Your Page As Low-quality?

How to determine if a page is low quality in google’s eyes – Whiteboard Friday_1

In a recent episode of Whiteboard Friday, Rand Fishkin from Moz shares things you can do to find out if Google might be considering your page as low-quality + tactics for its optimization.


How To Choose The Right Colors For Your Ecommerce Website

Neil Patel recently published a blog post for QuickSprout sharing 7 factors you need to take into consideration when you are picking the color scheme for your Ecommerce Shop.

It is an interesting article that anyone who is interested in color psychology has to read.


Copywriting & Content Marketing Guides and Resources

Copywriting & Content Marketing Guides and Resources

How To Manage Your Remote Content Team – 7 Best Practices & Tools

This article from Caroline Maurer for Content Marketing Institute shares 7 great practices and tools on how to manage a remote content team.

This is a must read piece for people who mainly work with freelancers and agencies or if the majority of your content team works remotely.


Top 5 Steps To Take When It’s Time To Edit Your Content

Copyblogger’s, Stefanie Flaxman wrote a wonderful short guide on the top 5 things to focus on when you are about to edit your content.

If you often find yourself re-reading older articles you wrote and find a ton of information that is repetitive or could have been put in a more simple, straightforward way, you should definitely check this out.


Looking For Brand Ambassadors? Did You Forget Your Own Employees?

A wonderful piece written by Marcia Riefer Johnston for The Content Marketing Institute.

She reminds us of one of the most neglected potential group of people who could become the most passionate brand ambassadors for a business – its employees!

Check it out and re-discover the importance of employee advocacy!


A Look In The Future Of Content Marketing

Content Marketing Institute’s writer Ann Gynn shares over 20 predictions (from experts) on how Content Marketing will be like in 2022.

It is an inspiring and thought provoking article.


Email Marketing Resources

Email Marketing Resources

Email Engagement Is Vital For Your Deliverability!

Liz Willits from Aweber published an eye-opening blog post talking about the importance of having emails that people actually engage with.

It’s a well know fact that your deliverability (or whether or not your email will end up in Junk mail or the Inbox) greatly depends on your email’s open rate.

But some marketers forget that email providers are way smarter than only that.

Check out Liz’s blog post to find out what factors impact your email deliverability.


What Are The Most Effective Words In Emails?

Aweber’s Shelby McGuigan shares with you what are the top 8 words you should include in your next email campaigns.


4 Tactics To Increase Your Newsletter Subscribers

Neil Patel wrote an article in QuickSprout sharing 4 easy-to-implement tactics on increasing your email subscribers.


Social Media Marketing News & Resources

Social Media Marketing News & Resources

Linkedin Introduced Linkedin Video

Yes, that is right, LinkedIn jumped on the video trends and you can now record and publish a video right on LinkedIn.


New YouTube Chat

YouTube introduced a brand new chat feature. It’s safe to say that our sharing options on YouTube are now endless.


Facebook vs Video Clickbait

Facebook announced that they will be taking new strong measures agains video clickbait.

Spammers beware!


Pinterest Visual Discovery Tools With New Updates

Check out the exciting improvements an updates from Pinterest related to their awesome visual discovery features.


Facebook Marketplace now in Europe!

Facebook Marketplace expands to Europe

Another new announcement from Facebook is that they are expanding marketplace to Europe, starting with  17 countries.


Facebook Introduced Watch

Facebook Introduces Watch

The social media giant is going strong in their goal to take over video marketing.

They now introduced Watch – a new platform for sharing and subscribing to video content.


You Will No Longer Pay For Unintentional Clicks On Facebook

Facebook announced updates on clicks and impressions reporting:

  • They are removing unintentional clicks in Facebook Audience Network;
  • They are introducing two new impression metrics:
    • gross impressions – captures all impressions, billable and non-billable;
    • auto-refresh impressions – will show you how many impressions on your right-hand side ad are a result of a browser refresh;


LinkedIn Company Pages Playbook

LinkedIn introduced a downloadable playbook for company pages.

It contains how-to-guides, strategy tips, best practices and examples.


Facebook Will Now Show Less Stories From Slow-Loading Websites

Facebook announced that website-speed is now a ranking factor from the News Feed Algorithm.

If you have a slow-loading website you might see a decrease in Facebook organic reach.


24 Tools & Apps For Social Media Managers

Michael Stelzner from Social Media Examiner shares 24 tools and apps that you might not have even heard of, but are going to make your life as a social media marketer a lot easier.


Bonus Marketing Resources


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