December 2017 Holiday Posts Calendar For Marketers
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December 2017 Holiday Posts Calendar

(Last Updated On: February 23, 2020)

It’s time for the December 2017 Holiday Posts Calendar.

If you are a frequent reader of my blog then you know that last month I started a new type of blog series – monthly Holiday Posts Calendars.

December 2017 Holiday Posts Calendar

Check out this calendar I created for you:

December 2017 Holiday Post Ideas Calendar (Source:
December 2017 Holiday Posts Calendar (Source:

Same as the November 2017 Holiday Post Ideas Calendar, I have included a lot of the lesser known or weird holidays.

Ready To Start Planning Your December 2017 Holiday Posts?

I hope that my December 2017 Holiday Post Calendar will inspire you to create amazing holiday-themed social media posts this month!

But don’t forget to plan them wisely…

If you are not yet using a monthly and daily social media post planner, I encourage you to check out my 2017 Content Calendar Template and my new Daily Social Media Post Planning spreadsheet.

And if you are considering running a holiday-themed social media contest, don’t forget to check out my article from last month on How to plan a successful social media contest.

Let me know what holidays will you be celebrating this December?




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