Free Daily Social Media Posting Plan Template for Social Media Managers
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Free Daily Social Media Posting Plan Template for Social Media Managers

(Last Updated On: October 20, 2017)

Hundreds of you already downloaded my free annual social media content calendar template. After the amount of positive feedback and requests, I am now sharing with you my daily social media posting plan template. Again free, on Google Drive, without any opt-ins.

Click here to access the new and improved social media daily posting plan spreadsheet.

How To Download The Free Daily Social Media Posting Plan Template

Just like the annual template, this one is hosted on Google drive as an excel sheet.

You can either download it by clicking on File-> ‘Download as’ to save it on your device. Or you can click on File -> ‘Add to my drive’ to save it in your own Google Drive directory.

My personal preference is to host the social media content calendars I use on a day-to-day basis in my Drive. That way I can easily share it with coworkers or clients for feedback or review.

The Daily Social Media Posting Plan – What is inside?

Here is what is inside the SM posting plan template:

  • An overview sheet, where you can:
    • List the post categories you usually post about. For example ‘Industry News’, ‘How to guides’, ‘Fun posts’, ‘Product/Service promotions’
    • A list with the post types. This table can be customized to suit your needs. At the moment it contains the following social media post types: link, photo, text, video, note. I will further explain why it is cool to have this and how to customize it below.
  • Spreadsheets with your daily social media posting plan for each month of the year. What does it contain:
    • Columns for date, day of the week, posting time;
    • Post category column;
    • A ‘post type’ column with a drop down menu to simplify things;
    • Columns for Links and Photos;
    • A column dedicated to your UTM ‘Ad content’ parameters;
    • Post caption column and caption length;

You don’t necessarily need all the column in this SM posting plan template. Read below to understand how each of them can be used, and how they can be customized.

Social Media Posting Plan Template – Instruction

If you already have the annual social media content calendar, then you already know that it would be great to list the post categories in the first spreadsheet. If you would like to customize and simplify things even further, I encourage you to use abbreviations, like shown below:

Daily Social Media Posting Plan Template - how to use it
Post categories too long? Use abbreviations!

The abbreviations might look a bit confusing at first sight. But trust me, the easier you make it for yourself, the more time you would safe. And after a while, you will get used to using them.

Next steps:

Duplicate Your Post Categories

Once you have filled out your general SM content calendar, you already will have the post categories distributed throughout each month of the year. What you need to do next is to duplicate them throughout the daily content calendar template.

Important: Make sure your general annual social media post planning matches your daily social media calendar.

Select Your Post Types

As I mentioned earlier, in this template I have included a drop down list to choose from for your post types.

I used this excel guide to create the formula and you can customize the items that you will see in the drop down list.

Tip: Make sure that you publish different types of posts. People love to see variety, and you need to deliver it!

Start Filling In Your Social Media Posting Plan

The way I love to do it is:

  • Activate the Excel filter option;
  • Choose ONE post category to start working on. That way you will not be distracted by other posts and you can work step-by-step throughout your categories. Additionally, this gives you an even better look on the post timing and post types variety;
  • Add your links, photos, UTM parameters, and post captions;

Why include UTM parameters in this template?

For me, it’s best to follow a consistency on the ‘Ad Content’ parameter I use for tracking the results of my social media posts. Including it here, allows me to see the bigger picture.

Why counting your post caption characters is cool?

For Twitter, it is a must. You cannot exceed 140 characters. However, for other Social channels it is also great to know how long your posts are. Some managers advise, to keep your post caption’s length in between 100-200 characters. Some say the least, the better. BUT it depends on your audience. So testing is a must!

Confusing? See the demo below:

Filter and optimize your daily social media post planning
Trick: Filter & optimize your social media post planning!

Now that you have all your links, photos, captions planned you can start SCHEDULING.

I am currently using Buffer, I have used Hootsuite and organic scheduling as well. But having a big plan is always great. Don’t you agree?

Why having a well organized daily posting plan is a must?

It is no secret that we, social media managers, have busy busy schedules. Many of us manage multiple social media channels for multiple clients. It does get confusing!

However, my believe is that we should always strive to be well organized. Great planning minimizes:

  • Effort;
  • Time spent;
  • Headaches;
  • Mistakes;

To conclude with, awesome social media post planning consists of:

  1. Planning your general social media posting strategy at least a month or more in advance;
  2. Consistency in the planning of your daily social media posts;
  3. Staying well organized;
  4. Optimizing your posting and scheduling practices;
  5. Keeping close attention to details;


Here is again the link to the daily social media template. I hope this template will really help you optimize your work as a social media manager!

Let me hear your thoughts and if you haven’t seen the annual social media content calendar template click here.




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