Stay Inspired! Creative Instagram Post Ideas From Top Brands - Nutella
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Stay Inspired! Creative Instagram Post Ideas From Top Brands – Nutella

(Last Updated On: August 25, 2017)

Looking for creative Instagram post ideas?

In this new blog series I will be sharing with you some of the most creative Instagram business pages and sharing my findings and favorite post ideas with you.

If you are searching for inspiration and you want to create a beautiful Instagram profile for your business that your followers will love, read on!

Instagram Post Ideas With Nutella

Always & Everywhere

Show your product in different places and situations to show your followers that no matter where they are, they might always want to have your product around.

Quote Away

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You only live once, people. #Nutella

A post shared by Nutella (@nutella) on

Give a famous quote or saying a twist with your own brand.

Weird Combinations

Show your followers something shocking that might actually turn out to be the best weird idea they would want to try.

Show Your Product In Action

A short an easy how-to-use guide is always a great idea.

Be Playful

Present your product in a playful way.

Show Some Love

You love your products. Your customers love your products. And your product loves your customers. Make sure you show your customers how important and appreciated they really are.

Inspire Creativity

Because everybody loves creative/DIY ideas.

Nutella’s Instagram Profile At a Glance

Nutella's creative instagram profile

  • Number Of Posts: 650;
  • Number Of Followers: 1.4m
  • How did their page perform last month (July 2017)
    • 6 posts in total for July 2017;
    • All posts were photos;
    • On average there were 18.6k likes per post;
    • On average there were 84 comments per post;


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