Creative Instagram Post Ideas From Ben & Jerry's That You Can Use For Your Business Page
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Creative Instagram Post Ideas From Ben & Jerry’s That You Can Use For Your Business Page

(Last Updated On: July 30, 2017)

If you are looking for creative Instagram post ideas you have come to the right place!

In the past few months I have been looking more and more into Instagram for business…

and there are hundreds of different strategies and approaches that brands have on Instagram.

But some brands stand out more than the rest!

In this new blog series I will be taking a deeper look into some of the most creative Instagram business pages and sharing my findings and favorite post ideas with you.

If you are searching for inspiration and you want to create a beautiful Instagram profile for your business that your followers will love, read on!

Instagram Post Ideas With Ben & Jerry’s

Mixing past & present

By mixing the history of the company with the current reality, Ben & Jerry’s celebrated their 39th year on the market with an emotional post which they also combined with an article from their blog.

What’s Inside

One of the top-performing posts of the brand are photos and videos showcasing what’s inside their product. Not only are these posts mouth-watering and aesthetically pleasing, but also give a better look from an unusual point of view of what’s inside a box of ice cream.

Did You Know?

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Are you a flavor expert yet? 🍦🤔

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Video is king, but why do people watch videos. Curiosity? Boredom? To learn something new?

“Did you know” videos are ideal for promoting your products while educating the market and inspiring curiosity for your brand.

User Generated Content

Peer to peer recommendation is one of the oldest and most authentic ways to promote a brand. In social media you can re-post user generated content on your brand page and you will make not only your customers feel special, but will also encourage more and more mentions of your brand (because who wouldn’t want a re-share from Ben & Jerry’s?).

What Else?

Unless in you are in a very niche field, your product probably has many other uses and related products. Showcase these additional benefits and uses to your customers.

Be Relatable!

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Ready for a wild night in. #TGIF

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Where do people use your product? Do they use it at work, on the street, at home, at school? Show it in action. Show them something they can relate to.

And Inspire Desire

What better to dream of and desire in a cold winter night, than a pint of ice cream by the beach? Inspire desire by reminding your Instagram followers of past and suggesting future moments with your product.


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A sea of dreams

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Whether it’s the amount of uses your product has or the amount of product varieties, show people all you have got to offer.

Create Urgency

Something is going out of season or you have a limited time offer?

Stay Aware

Don’t forget that being socially responsible is one of the main factors to build your brand’s trust. Get involved in social causes that matter to your business and show your customers that your care!

Ben & Jerry’s Instagram Profile At a Glance

Ben & Jerry's Instagram Profile At a Glance - Creative Instagram Post Ideas

  • Number Of Posts: 1633;
  • Number Of Followers: 725k
  • Average monthly followers growth (for the past 6 months): 8,653
  • Average monthly followers growth rate (for the past 6 months): 1.25%
  • Average Engagement (for July)
    • Album Posts (data based on 2 posts):
      • Average likes: 9,218
      • Average comments: 92
    • Photo Posts (data based on 14 posts):
      • Average likes: 13,232
      • Average comments: 135
    • Video Posts (data based on 5 posts):
      • Average likes: 8,709
      • Average comments: 293
      • Average views: 73,227

Ben & Jerry’s Instagram Profile Growth Rate Overview

Ben & Jerry's Instagram Profile Growth Rate Overview
Historical Data From Social Blade

Ben & Jerry’s Instagram follower base grew with 76,940 (or almost 13%) from January 2016 until January 2017.

Although, in general, the account’s growth rate is steady, there are months where they experience follower losses. Which of course is normal for any brand, no matter its size.

To Wrap It Up

Ben & Jerry’s focus on the visuals appeal of their products and user generated content that makes them even more relatable and desirable.

They use all types of posts, from photos and albums to videos and gifs and they love to showcase their products from different (sometimes messy) angles. And their followers love it!

So which Instagram post idea is the one you will try to implement next? Which one was your favorite?

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