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4 Free Competitor Social Media Analysis Tools for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Google Plus and Twitch – Part 1

(Last Updated On: December 3, 2016)

Looking for a way to analyse your competitors’ social media? Then you are on the right place! In this week’s article I am sharing with you my favourite free competitor social media analysis tools. Check them out:

Free competitor analysis tools

Likealyzer for Facebook

Free Competitor Social Media Analysis Tool for Facebook
An analysis of Instagram’s Facebook page with Likealyzer

What data does it analyse:

  • Page Information – Gives insight on the important fields in your competitor’s profile that they did or did not fill out.
  • Page Performance:
    • Number of current page likes;
    • Page likes growth for the past month;
    • PTAT – People Talking About It metric; Or otherwise said, average amount of engaged users per post;
    • Engagement rate (%) – calculated by deviding the page’s audience size with the PTAT metric.
  • Posts Data:
    • Average number of posts per day;
    • Reactions, comments and shares by post;
    • Types of posts – The average percentage of photo posts, video posts or link posts;
    • Timing – An evaluation of good/bad timing based on when the page’s audience is most active;
    • Post length – The average length of the Facebook page posts’ captions;
    • Curiosity – Wheather or not the page is asking their audience enough question ( thus encourage comments and engagement)
    • Hashtags – Weather or not the page is using hashtags;
    • Page’s top 5 posts in the past week;

How can you use that data to your advantage

Competitor Facebook page and posts performance tool - Likealyzer for Facebook
Likealyzer – Page performance and Post Insights

This tool can really help you get the idea of what is missing in your competitor’s Facebook strategy. Identify their weak points and avoid doing the same.

Some of the most important stats I use in my analysis are the average number of posts per day, the posts’ timing, and the types of posts. If the page’s engagement rate is good, this means that they are definitely posting during the right time of the day, as often as it works the best and the type of content that gets them the most results.

And of course, identifying what were the top posts of your competitor’s Facebook page in the past week, can help you out in identifying what their and your audience would like.

Analysing your Competitor's Facebook page performance
Likealyzer additional information and tips.

Bonus Tip: When you click on any of the metrics, a short paragraph with an advise or an additional analysis will appear below it, that can also contain valuable information.

Twitonomy for Twitter

Free Competitor Social Media Analysis Tool for Twitter - Twitonomy
Twitonomy for Competitor Social Media Analysis

What data does it analyse?

  • General Twitter data
    • Number of Twitter Followers;
    • Followers/following ratio;
    • Number of Tweets
  • Tweets data – It analyses over 3,000 Tweets of the user’s profile and shows you the following insights:
    • Number of Tweets per day;
    • % of those Tweets that are Retweets;
    • Number of mentions per tweet;
    • Number of those Tweets that were replies;
    • An average number of links per Tweet;
    • An average number of hashtags per Tweet;
    • How others engage with the user’s Tweets – percentage of Tweets retweeted and favourited;
    • Daily Tweets history;
    • Tweets most Retweeted;
    • Tweets most Favourited;
    • Posting schedule – Timing by Days of the week and hourly;
    • Hashtags most used;
    • Most mentioned/retweeted users;
    • Platforms used to Tweet;
Twitonomy for Twitter - Analysing competitor's social media
Facebook’s Twitter profile analysis
Free Competitor Twitter profile analysis tool
Facebook’s Twitter posts’ timing
  • Followers/Following data
    • A list of people that your competitor is following;
    • A list of people that follow your competitor;

How can you use this data?

My favourite insights from Twitonomy are:

  • Tweets per day and their timing;
  • Most retweeted/favourited Tweets;
  • Most used hashtags data;
  • Users most mentioned and Followed users;

With those insights I can rethink the strategy of the Twitter profile I manage, improve the Tweets timing, get some hashtags ideas and identify influential people in the field;

Social Media Analysis tool for Competitive analysis
Twitonomy for competitor social media analysis – additional information

Tip: The ‘?’ button next to each metric provides you with additional information and recommendations;


Stay tuned for part 2 of the article where I will show two more tools that can help you analyse your competitor’s Instagram, Youtube, Twitter Twitch, and Google Plus channels.


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